Who we are ?

The Belly Bedaine workshop-store is a place to welcome future and new mother. We dress them up to feel good and confident about their look without forgetting the comfort. Other than caring our own maternity and nursing clothing line we have an extended choice of nursing bras.

The new line of maternity clothes; Belly Bedaine was born as a mixture of  passion for maternity and fashion, Belly Bedaine premiered on April 20, 2006. We dressed pregnant women from the conception to the end of breastfeeding. This all-new collection has emerged to meet the need of women to feel good about herselves in one of the most exciting period of their life, motherhood.

« It’s not because we are pregnant that we must say goodbye to our own style and especially to our comfort’’.

Maternity clothing has changed a lot during the past few years. Today we can see much more form-fitting clothes that marry perfectly the new forms of the body. A tad European-looking and very trendy, this Quebec collection is a reflection of the active woman of today.